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The following information is useful when talking with students and parents, and researching options.

  • aLife career profiles and information uses simple messages, delivered through brief, understandable, interesting video segments that connect quickly and easily to interactive and clickable pathways. It provides positive role models, ideas, options and pathways for Indigenous Australians in the world of work, as well as providing positive mental imagery of Indigenous Australians within the mainstream economies for non-indigenous Australians.
  • Career bullseye posters and booklet is a series of over 30 'bullseye' posters to help students identify occupations that link with subjects studied at school and indicate the level of education and training required. They can be downloaded separately or are available to order as a set of A2 and A4 posters.
  • Career FAQs provides a large number of resources as well as course and career information for young people, including a free regular e-newsletter.
  • The Job Guide website includes hundreds of occupational profiles. It is available in three versions - graphic, text and mobile, and is written and produced for a year 10 audience.
  • The Job Search Guide provides information, useful tips, examples, ideas and things to consider that can assist individuals to look at work options and apply for jobs.
  • myfuture contains current career information, articles and links to resources for parents, career advisors and teachers to assist students with their career journey.
  • The Career Centre has a selection of occupation videos that depict real people at work in a wide range of occupations.
  • Student Edge provides secondary and tertiary students with free access to online student services information including health and wellbeing, study and career tools. It also engages students with membership rewards, including a host of exclusive big brand discounts.
  • provides links to Australian Government information on all things youth related.

There are numerous tools available that may be suitable to assist students, parents and teachers to identify skills and abilities and focus on suitable options for further exploration. While many of these are free to use, others require a paid subscription. Decisions about the most appropriate tools to use will depend on the needs of the school or individual.

The following tools are currently available on the Career Centre site and are free to use.

  • The Choices program provides individuals with the opportunity to think about and identify skills and occupations which might interest them. Responses are compiled into a report which students are then able to discuss with advisors/parents or others and can research more about what is involved within each.
  • The Hands on program enables individuals to explore skilled trades, technical and hands on work. Responses are compiled into a report which students are then able to discuss with advisors/parents or others and can research more about what is involved within each.
  • The skills and abilities card sort is designed for individuals to identify their specific skills so they can explore options.
  • The values card sort enables individuals to think about the values that are important to them so they can use these to assist their exploration of work options.
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